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first dubstep song!

2011-10-28 05:50:51 by Pocketpod

Y U no check it out on youtube? Qnns&feature=channel_video_title

Hybrid nr.6

2011-10-19 07:21:42 by Pocketpod

good feeling to be in the charts again!

Right now i´m working on a new dnb song with asian influences which seems to turn out really great.
upload in the next few days.


2011-06-26 14:24:15 by Pocketpod



2011-02-23 11:52:29 by Pocketpod
Updated zer
my music with NG art!!!!!




2011-01-29 09:40:05 by Pocketpod

I'm working on a really cool DnB song with a phat Dubstep bass in it.

Also I'm looking for some work...
PM me if you want me to make the music for your flash game/Movie.

...and tell me what you think! /393456

Reworking Vacuum.

2010-11-24 10:37:25 by Pocketpod

My last track was kind of boring, so i'm working on it again.
(I like it btw. don't know why it was zero bombed^^)

Plymouth Volksfest

2010-10-30 07:50:42 by Pocketpod

Today I got the "Plymouth Volksfest 2010 DVD" and my songs Adrenaline Kick and Face the way had been used in it!!! /332291 /320754

You can buy it here: dex.php?route=product/product&product_

looking for work

2010-09-25 08:06:49 by Pocketpod

Need music for your flash???Cause I need something to do...

Please pm me.

Check out the DnB Collab with Realfaction+Tzunami+Pocketpod /365372

looking for work